How AWS IQ Works

AWS offers a lot of platforms to meet various needs of businesses, which will help them grow and succeed. Now, some companies must complete a project, follow timelines and requirements, encounter challenges to specific services, and need help moving forward. Here comes AWS IQ, provided by Amazon Web Services, wherein customers and certified experts engage, offering support in different perspectives, services, and domains. This platform will be a great help for customers who seek guidance and assistance for their developing projects.

What is AWS IQ?

AWS IQ is a service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This tool lets customers quickly identify, engage, and pay AWS IQ Experts for on-demand project work. It offers a platform where customers can create a request and choose from a pool of experts who will respond and assist them. In addition, users can use their AWS Certifications to help other AWS customers. AWS IQ also provides access to a secure collaborative workspace for project discussions and offers an easy way to accept payment.

The diagram below shows how AWS IQ works for customers, from submitting a request, reviewing expert responses, selecting an expert, working securely, and paying your expert.

Benefits of using AWS IQ

AWS IQ Customer Features

  1. On-demand access to trusted experts: With AWS IQ, users can quickly find AWS Certified experts who can help them complete projects faster and take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.
  2. Secure collaboration workspace: The platform provides a safe workspace for collaboration between users and experts, ensuring that project information remains confidential and protected.
  3. Secure permissions to your account: Users can grant, monitor, and control access to their AWS Account when utilizing the services of an expert through AWS IQ.
  4. Integrated project management and payment: AWS IQ offers integrated project management and payment functionalities, making it convenient for users to manage their projects and directly pay the experts through the AWS platform.

AWS IQ Expert Features

  1. Match with AWS customers who need your expertise: AWS IQ allows experts to match with AWS customers who have submitted requests that align with their skills and expertise.
  2. Market your AWS skills: Experts can build a profile showcasing their AWS Certifications, professional experience, and ratings and reviews from previous projects. It also helps customers gain confidence in their skills and choose the right expert for their project.
  3. Integrated project management and billing: AWS IQ offers integrated project management and billing tools. Experts can request payment after meeting project milestones, receive upfront costs, or schedule payments in advance. The customer is charged on their AWS bill, and the expert gets their fee after deducting a 2.5% AWS IQ fee.

The difference between these two features: is that AWS IQ Customer Features demands and selects an AWS IQ Expert that meets the services they need to address concerns outside of their field of study. On the other hand, AWS IQ Expert features are AWS Certified that respond and provide hands-on assistance based on the customer’s requests/demands in developing their projects.

AWS IQ Use Cases

AWS IQ can be a valuable platform for customers seeking assistance with these various use cases:

  1. Educating customers about AWS services: Customers can connect with AWS Certified experts on AWS IQ to get guidance on which AWS services are best suited to achieve their specific goals. Experts can help analyze requirements, recommend scalable solutions, and ensure cost-effectiveness.
  2. Provide Customers with Architectural Guidance: AWS IQ allows customers to seek expert architectural guidance. For example, an expert can assist a customer in planning the architecture for a data warehouse using Amazon Redshift to achieve optimal cost savings.
  3. Set Up AWS Services: Customers can leverage AWS IQ to get hands-on help setting up AWS services for their projects. For instance, an expert can assist a customer in setting up Amazon Cognito to enhance the security of a mobile app.
  4. Migrating workloads to AWS: AWS IQ experts can guide customers in efficiently migrating their workloads to AWS. They can provide recommendations on the best AWS databases for specific needs and assist in migrating legacy databases to AWS RDS for improved scalability and easier administration.
  5. Estimating and optimizing AWS spend: Experts on AWS IQ can advise on budget planning for AWS projects, ensuring that customers optimize their environment for cost-effectiveness. They can help customers right-size their Amazon EC2 instances and utilize Reserved Instances or EC2 Spot instances for cost savings.
  6. Building applications: AWS IQ allows customers to receive hands-on help from experts in building applications on AWS. It can include tasks such as building a website using AWS Lightsail.

How to Create a Request

Step 1: Navigate to the AWS IQ home page at

Step 2: Fill out the Request Title and Description and click the Next button. To attract skilled specialists and acquire high-quality responses, it is essential to be as descriptive as you can in your description of your demands. After you fill it out you can select the Submit button.

Step 3: Please review the content of your request, ensure that your name and email address are accurate, and then click on the “Post Request” button.

In conclusion, AWS IQ is an Amazon service that connects customers with AWS-certified experts to provide enhanced support. Customers utilize it to request paid assistance, while experts use it to provide paid support. We utilize AWS IQ because it offers benefits such as credibility, quicker approaches, and security between customers and experts. AWS IQ requests are free to post. Customers and experts agree on an upfront fee, which you pay in advance through your AWS account. Overall, AWS IQ streamlines the process of implementing AWS Certifications to seek professional assistance for AWS projects, providing customers with an effective and collaborative environment in which they can communicate with certified experts and achieve project objectives.

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